Renovation Consultant

If you are not quite looking for a home inspection, but still want the opinion of a home inspector take advantage of consultation services.

1. Home Walk Around Service. This is a convenient service aimed at saving you money. For 1,500 SF home or smaller, this service lasts 15-20 minutes. Services last a little longer on larger homes.
The Home Walk Around Service includes:

  • A walk around the property with you
  • Brief explanations of obvious conditions
  • No use of tools

Call for pricing (816) 565-1991

2. Home Evaluation. For the budget-minded, you get a report on the major systems without the extra time and cost of a Home Inspection.

  • An evaluation of the Roof, HVAC, Electrical panel, Plumbing, and Foundation systems
  • Written report of the property conditions
  • Kitchen Appliances cost extra (includes RecallChek)
  • 90 Day Warranty cost extra
  • Add discounted thermal imaging services

Call for pricing (816) 565-1991