If you’re like most Midwesterners you can’t help but notice the wide range of temperature changes this winter. From today’s sunny high of 73 degrees to Saturday’s snowy and chilly 19 degree low, we are experiencing a dynamic duo between Old Man Winter and Mother Nature. Winter wants to linger while Springs is forcing its weather. With the sudden weather change our bodies go through some interesting changes.

  1. Warm weather makes you happy. Did you know that warm winters and moderate summers leads to greater

    Happiness is found outside

    happiness? Nice, right! Today’s moderate weather enables us to spend time outdoors, a factor that plays an important role in reduced stress and general well-being. I’ve definitely took my dog out a bit more this winter. Get outside as much as possible when you can. Don’t forget to take Fido!

  2. Colder, dry weather isn’t your friend. By nature humans are tropical creatures. We thrive in moderately warm temperatures and we face difficulties in colder weather. An obvious effect of cold days is dry skin and eyes. However, it also leads to eye infections, respiratory infections and the sudden temperature change leads to muscular spasms according to Dr. Aamerah Shah, primary care doctor. Another common symptom of cold weather is its effect on urine production. When you get cold, you want to pee. Know they affect the weather has on your body and health and take precautions. You may need apply eye drops, ointment or just stay indoors.
  3. Pets get fluffier. Even your pets are affected. They get goose bumps or pimples caused by an individual tiny erector pili muscle attached to the base of each and every hair follicle covering the body. We aren’t affected too much by goose bumps, but our furry friends receive the great benefit of improved insulation. Watch your cat or dog in the cold and you will notice they will become noticeably larger outdoors when it gets below freezing. This may not harm your pet. It just looks really cool!
  4. Cold temperatures kicks you into survival mode. Ever wonder why on a cold day your hands and toes gets uncomfortably cold? Your body goes into survival mode thinking you’re freezing and starts to sacrifice these extremities by allowing them to go cold while your core area stays warm. That’s why some times your hands and feet are warm and in cold temperatures they go cold. It doesn’t take too temperatures too low to get this effect. Once temperatures drop below 77F your skin starts to feel cold.

So, what’s the take away from this blog post? Make the most of this crazy weather. Take walks outdoors as much as you can. Know how your body reacts to this weather and take precautions. Keep an eye on your pets while they’re outdoors and observe how they are affected by the changing weather. Use the cold weather to get closer to your loved one.

Bonus tip: Keep a sweater and light winter coat in your car or work office. Dress in layers to accommodate changing temperatures each day and within the day. You can easily peel off layers for your comfort. It’s a bit harder to add layers if you don’t have anything with you.