We love grandma and grandpa and all the love that centers around them. It’s easy to focus on all the goodies that the share and stories that they tell without considering their living situation. Is the home accessible, is it aging in place safe and properly maintained? There is a ton that can be written about each of these, and we’ll spare you the reading. Today we’ll focus on the 5 essentials needed for a safe home for grandma and grandpa.

Grab bars are used for tubs or places with an elevation difference

Install grab bars. Secure railing isn’t just for steps, it’s for senior living. Add a grab bar to stabilize a slope, help to maneuver in a cramped space, help position to stand up, or provide balance in a slippery scenario.


Raise or lower kitchen cabinets so that they are not a challenge to reach, especially when they can be lowered. Same thing goes for seating. Rise easily from a seating position with raised chairs and appliances.


Invest in a lift chair. Experience the first floor, the basement, the second floor and beyond by installing a lift chair in your stairway. These motorized chairs can securely transport to all areas of the home.

Wheelchair lift

Replace step up showers and tubs with a standing tub. The idea of a bath to someone with limited mobility may seem impossible – but it’s not! Standing tubs are a wonderful addition to any bathroom as they allow upright bathing while still being able to be submerged in water.


Widen doorways. Senior living can often mean living with a walking aid. Maybe it’s not you but instead your friend who travels by wheels. Entertain with ease by making sure everyone can navigate through the doorway by wheelchair, walker, or otherwise.


Bonus: Install ramps. Steps into and out of your home can be the scariest part of independent living. Give relief by replacing steps with a gradual ramp.