Most people don’t know how easy it is to make their homes more efficient and end up shelling out hundreds of extra dollars on utility bills. Green America Home Inspections would like to change that.
Thermal imaging scans go into great detail to assess your home’s energy use. As your energy evaluators we do a room-by-room examination of the residence for significant drafts, leaks and other opportunities to improve the home’s. Our use of thermography or infrared thermal imaging to detect thermal anomalies or defects and air leakage in building envelopes is proven to help reduce energy bills.
How Thermal Inspections Work?
Thermography measures surface temperatures by using infrared and optical video and still images. The thermal imager detects light that is in the infrared spectrum. Scanned images reflect temperature variations ranging from warm regions to cooler areas. The resulting images helps our trained and certified thermographers determine whether insulation is needed. They also serve as a quality control tool to ensure that insulation has been installed correctly.
Thermography in electrical systems detects unsafe conditions such as overheating or arcing electrical connections or components due to loose connections where the naked eye will not detect them. Thermal imaging of mechanical systems can detect the heat created by excessive friction, an indicator that the equipment will need repair or replacement.
The results of thermal imaging helps determine whether a building needs insulation, electrical repairs, roof or plumbing repairs and even the presence of rodents and termites. During the winter months infrared scanning allows us to check for costly building leaks.
What Are Ways Thermal Imaging Can Benefit Your Home
-It saves money. It costs less to power a home that has been converted to be more energy-efficient.
-It increases the comfort level indoors.
It reduces our impact on climate change. Many scientists now believe that excessive energy consumption contributes significantly to global warming.
-It reduces pollution. Conventional power production introduces pollutants that find their way into the air, soil and water supplies.
A home energy scan using thermal imaging helps pinpoint where your home is losing energy and what you can do to save money. These scans will also assess health and safety issues that might exist in your home. Creating an energy efficient home is not easy, but with Green America Home Inspections, families will know where their home is leaking and can repair energy problems to save hundreds.