IMG_4389We get it, you’re a busy person! With the kids going to extracurricular activities, the boss hounding you for your next report, and all of life’s unexpectancies, it can be hard to keep up with a cleaning schedule! Don’t worry, we’re going to teach how to speed clean like a professional.

How to get prepared

Cleaning is much easier when everything has a home.  Work on creating organized storage for all of the things that end up being scattered around the house, like papers, mail, shoes, and toys.

  • Use a large laundry basket to collect items such as toys or clothing that need to be returned to a different room.  If you have multiple offenders, use multiple baskets.  
  • After you have finished tidying every room, take 5 minutes to put away the collected items.
  • Save sweeping/mopping and vacuuming until the end, then do it all at once.   

Bedroom(s) (5-10 minutes each, depending on how much to pick up):

  • Always make the bed.  Even if there are other things laying around, the room will look much, much cleaner.
  • Quickly pick up any clothes, toys, or dishes that are lying around.
  • Use a duster or dry rag to quickly dust all surfaces, including the headboard and footboard.

Bathroom(s) (5 minutes each):

  • Keep daily shower cleaner in the bath/shower and spray down after each use.
  • Store your toilet brush in a container of bleach; replace the bleach once a week.
  • Squirt toilet bowl cleaner around the rim; let sit.
  • Use disinfectant wipes or a wet rag and disinfectant spray to quickly wipe down the sinks, tub, and shower.
  • Use toilet brush to quickly scrub toilet, rim, and seat.
  • Use disinfectant wipes or a wet rag and disinfectant spray to wipe down toilet seat & surrounding floor.

Living Room/Dining/Home Office Areas (10-15 minutes):

  • Quickly pick up any shoes, dishes, toys, or other items laying around.  (Put them in basket to put away later.)
  • Use duster to quickly dust all surfaces.
  • Use damp cloth to wipe down furniture (if leather), table(s), and dining chairs.
  • Tidy desk area and make sure all paperwork & mail is filed & sorted in its proper spots.

Kitchen (10-15 minutes, depending on how many dishes):

  • Quickly pick up any items that don’t belong in kitchen and place them in basket(s).  
  • Gather any dirty dishes and put them next to sink.
  • Quickly unload (if necessary) then load dishwasher, or hand wash dishes/pots/pans as needed
  • Spray all counters with disinfectant spray, then use soapy water and wet sponge to wipe them all down.
  • Wipe down stovetop.
  • Dry and put away any hand-washed dishes, then drain and rinse the sink

Finishing Up:

  • Use a dry mop to clean hard floors.
  • Clean glass surfaces & mirrors as needed with glass club and a lint-free rag.  Don’t forget to spray & wipe the bathroom fixtures for extra shine!
  • Put away items collected in baskets while cleaning.


It’s simple: The faster you clean, the sooner you’re done. The tips are guaranteed to turn you into a speed cleaning professional...boss