Have you ever questioned whether the air was safe to breathe? Well, if you didn’t know about these small indoor air quality monitors, then this article is for you.

The temperatures are dropping which means the cold rainy days are coming soon. Shortly following are the bitter cold days of winter that keeps most people indoors. This year you may want to invest in a budge-friendly indoor air quality IAQ monitors to help protect your family’s health. You may want to invest in a camera doorbell also, but more on that another day.

Protect your family’s health

Indoor air quality monitors can give you information about unseen dangers that affects the health of everyone in your home.

Why buy Indoor Air Quality Monitors?

There are a number of by products from building materials and cleaning chemicals that release pollutants called volatile organic compounds VOCs or formaldehyde into your home. How do you know your home’s heating and ventilation ductwork isn’t layered with dusts that cycles into your home or carbon monoxide isn’t concentrating inside the home? Indoor air quality monitors can assist with identifying issues to correct. If dust particles are identified indoor air quality monitors than duct cleaning could be a great weekend project for you. Living with indoor pollutants produce negative health effects of chronic or immediate exposure to poor indoor air quality.

Buyer Beware

Indoor air quality monitors can’t do everything for you. The first thing to now is that not all indoor air quality monitors are the same. They monitor different things and your priorities and needs my be different from other families. The best radon gas monitor is inside our inspector’s vehicle. There isn’t a substitute for a EPA-approved, regularly calibrated continuous radon monitoring device.

Air Mentor PRO A 6 in 1 Indoor Air Quality Monitor (Model 8096-AP)

Smart indoor air quality monitor

Air Mentor PRO indoor air quality monitor

The PRO device detects carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, VOCs, particle matter both large and small, temperature, humidity. This device can detect VOCs like alcohols, aldehydes, aliphatic hydrocarbons, amines, aromatic hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ketones, organic acids, and even methane.

There is an app that displays the following numbers indicating user access to the 6 levels advertised: PM2.5 (small particle matter – perhaps mold), PM10 (large particle matter – things like pollen that would cause allergies), C02 (carbon dioxide), TVOC (total VOC), temperature, and humidity.

Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor with LED display

Awair indoor air quality monitor

The Awair Smart Air Quality Monitor provides data on temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, small particles (dust) and VOCs. It does not monitor carbon monoxide.

While there are a number of other devices on the market to help you monitor the quality of air inside your home, I focused on the top two on the market. Your time is precious and I get that. If want to explore other options an internet search for indoor air monitors would produce pages of findings of your shopping and reading enjoyment.