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A brief word about the other guys. Some claim to offer a premier service, inspect over 2,500 items while the average is 400 items, and some even entertain you by “testing” the microwave with popcorn. While these gimmicks are intriguing, they overlook the key elements of a good home inspection experience: qualified inspector, customer service, and shared expertise. At Green America Home Inspections LLC we focus on the fundamentals and deliver a service you can are comfortable with.

While you may find a cheaper inspection, the cheap inspection is usually performed to industry minimum standards, finished in less than 2 hours and only inspects a representative sample of the property. Your premium Kansas City home inspections exceed the industry “representative sampling” minimum standard by evaluating every accessible part of the home. Your friendly home inspectors are the best qualified in the industry at exposing seller’s hidden defects and guiding you through the expected home maintenance and improvement process.

Your home inspection includes:

  • 1. Property drainage and grading
  • 2. Exterior
    • Siding, windows and doors
    • Foundation
    • Vegetation
  • 3. Roof, attic and structure
  • 4. Fireplace and chimney
  • 5. Inside living areas
    • Ceilings
    • Walls
    • Floors
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Lights and ceiling fans
    • Outlets
  • 6. Garages
  • 7. Electrical System
  • 8. Heating & Air Conditioning System
  • 9. Plumbing System
  • 10. Basement, crawlspace and structural
  • 11. Health Home tips
  • 12. Fire and Safety

Drainage And Grading Inspection

Your inspection of the exterior drainage and grading includes evaluating the gutters and downspouts for proper drainage, grading around the perimeter of the home, patios, porches, decks, trees and bushes that can damage the home.

The first thing you learn in Air Force Engineering School is that the property must drain and it is the primary purpose of our exterior inspection. We are looking for anything that allows water to pool or direct water around the foundation. Trees and bushes need to be trimmed away from the exterior to prevent moisture buildup that leads to mold and wood-destroying insects from entering the home.

Exterior Inspection

Exterior Inspection

The roof, siding, windows and doors protect the interior of the home. These parts of the home including the foundation, retaining walls, siding, trim, windows, and chimneys protects the home the weather and its elements. We evaluate each of these for its condition, paying particular attention to its soundness, function and safety for you.

Roof, Attic and Structure Inspection

Roof, Attic and Structure Inspection
Roof and Attic Inspection

The roof and attic is the home’s first line of defense from rainwater and the sun’s heat. The roof is inspected by walking it for proper installation, wear and damage. Roofing problems that go undetected can cause serious problems like mold, damaged walls, or personal items.

Your inspector will explain the benefits of your roofing material used and any special maintenance required. The attic is often used for storage and sometimes finished for additional living space. An attic that is unfinished and accessible can be inspected for quality construction, insulation type and thickness, water penetration, venting, pest or rodent entry and exposed electrical hazards. Your inspector will enter the attic looking for signs that may indicate hidden problems as well as a safety concerns.

Fireplace and Chimney

Fireplace and Chimney

Fireplaces are wonderful supplements to the heating system, a comfy place to relax and an elegant location to entertain guest. No matter your planned use, we will ensure that it is safe and functional for you and your guest.

Inside Living Areas

Inside Living Areas

Inside living areas hold precious clues to the care and condition of finished areas and the underlying structure. As we walk the various rooms surveying walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors we look for cracking, termite activity, evidence of roof leakage, and indications of underlying structural deficiencies.

Your inspector will inspect each area including all visible and accessible areas of the house, including kitchen, bathrooms, closets and bedrooms. We often find settling in the floors and walls, roof or plumbing leaks at ceilings and poor outlet wirings during our inside living area inspection.

Garage Inspection

Garage Inspection

We inspect attached and detached garages. During the garage inspection we test GFCI outlets, auto-reverse on the garage door openers, a safe firewall, garage doors, lighting, foundation floor and walls for structural movement.

One of our common findings is the lack of insulation in the attic above the garage.

Electrical Safety Inspection

Electrical Inspection
Safety Inspection

The electrical system often has hazards and improper wiring. The number of hazards found often increases as the age of the property increases and the number of times it has been worked on. The condition and complexity of the electrical system also has much to do with the number of issues found. The more upgrades to the home, the more time-consuming the electrical inspection will take.

Your electrical inspection includes checking every accessible electrical outlet and switch, lighting, exposed electrical wiring, and the removal of the electrical panel cover

Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System Inspection

Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning System Inspection

The heating and cooling system creates a comfortable environment in the home. Whether you have a gravity feed boiler, oil burning heater or geothermal system we have seen them all. Each system has many components and there are also many different types systems. Your inspector inspects for safety and proper operation for you.

Plumbing System Inspection

Plumbing Inspection

The plumbing system inspection includes operating every fixture, appliance, and evaluating every connected gas and water pipes. We inspect the service entering the property, accessible pipes throughout, venting and drainage. Your inspector often finds leaking pipes, dripping valves, clogged pipes, corrosion, switched hot and cold water knobs, and insufficient water or flow pressure.

Basement, Crawlspace and Structural

Basement, Crawlspace and Structural

No home inspection is complete without checking out the main structural support system in the basement or crawlspace. Your qualified inspector with Green America Home Inspections has the knowledge and experience to identify cosmetic damage from major structural deficiencies.

Healthy Home Tips

Environmental hazards in the home harm millions of children each year. The hazards are often hidden in plain sight. With the help of a skilled professional that knows what to look for we can uncover the potential danger with a hazard assessment and guide you through some ideas to mitigate found hazards.

Fire And Safety Inspections

Under health, fire, and safety are items such as emergency egress windows, hand railings, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors (including their operation and proper placement), the presence of Radon gas2, mold2, ventilation and combustion air in rooms with gas fired appliances (fireplaces, furnaces, and water heaters), along with many other safety items. These areas are all inspected, operated, tested, and reported on by your inspector. And since they are very important for your family’s safety, rest assured that they will all be taken very seriously by your inspector.

During the Inspection We Also Test And Inspect:

  1. Questionable moisture spots with a moisture meter
  2. Questionable gas leaks with a combustible gas leak detector
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