image-5Wouldn’t it be nice to buy an appliance for your kitchen like an oven, microwave or refrigerator and know that you never had to spend the money to buy one again? Unfortunately, the systems and appliances in your home have lifespans – after using them consistently over the years, their mechanical parts experience wear and tear, and eventually stop working.

Instead of shelling out money to pay new appliances, if you simply maintain your appliances properly, you can help extend their lifespan, improve energy efficiency and cut down on costly repair bills.

Below we provided the complete guide of kitchen maintenance tips to keep your appliances running smoothly! Plus who wants to use an appliance that’s caked in dirt, dust, and old food? Not me.

Keeping the condenser coils clean is the most important part of maintaining your refrigerator.  Located usually at the back or bottom of the fridge, you can sweep off the dust and dirt with a broom.  

Also make sure to clean your fridge at least once a week to get out old food so it doesn’t generate a mold colony from old food.  

If your microwave has food particles all over the inside that seem impossible to scrub off, try heating a cup of soapy water for about three minutes.  Let the cup sit in the microwave a few minutes more to let the steam permeate, and after, either using sponge or paper towel, wipe the inside squeaky clean.

To keep your microwave clean, use a paper towel or microwave-safe top to cover up your food and keep it from splattering all over.

Stove and Oven
Remember that casserole that overflowed the dish a few months ago? It’s more than likely burned on to the bottom of your stove. Most ovens have self-cleaning cycles on them.  After two hours, a ton of smoke, and your house temperature scorching, it’s done!  Or you can avoid that by purchasing some oven cleaner from the store.  

If you have an electric stove top, use a basic glass cleaner to clean the top.  If you have a gas stove, take the burners apart and wash all of the components off.


Garbage Disposal
The easiest way to clean your garbage disposal is by filling the sink with hot, soapy water, then letting the water flush out the disposal. After that, cut a lemon in in half. and put it down the disposal drain and run the unit until both halves of the lemon are gone. This will deodorize and disinfectant the drain,leaving a nice zesty citric aroma behind.

Whatever you do, do not stick any hard object or your hand down the disposal to clean it! You risk damaging the disposal or worse, you could cause harm to yourself.  

Coffee Maker
Coffee Makers really should be cleaned about once every month.  In the coffee pot, mix 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water then pour the mixture into the water tank of the coffee maker. Place a filter in the basket and turn your coffee maker on.  Once the brew process is complete, run at least 2-3 more pots of plain water to flush the vinegar out of the coffee maker. If not, your first two pots of coffee might taste a bit weird.

With this quick and complete guide of kitchen appliance maintenance tips, you can keep your appliances in tip-top shape and make sure they serve you well for a number of years.